David L. Etheredge

    Motorola MC6800:

        Driver for eprom burner.
        Bit banger driver for tape drive.
        Automated cassette tape drive ( Triple III Phi deck ).

    Motorola MC6809:

        RS-232 device driver, multitasking (OS-9).
        Magnetic bubble memory driver.
        Centronics port driver.
        Banked memory selection, ( memory paging).
        Position and motion detection.
        Pulse with modulation using 6840 PTM.
        Interrupt servicing, multitasking, and single task.
        Watchdog timer systems.
        Line frequency synchronization.
        Motor speed control.
        Disk I/O.
        A/D conversion ... 8, 10, 12, 16 bits.
        Real time operations.
        Graphic format conversion.
        Table driven Assembler.
        Control of pneumatic systems, using solenoids.
        Serial interprocessor communication.

    Motorola MC68HC11:

        Position and motion detection.
        Angular displacement, tilt / leveling.
        Pulse width modulation, using PTM.
        Interrupt servicing.
        Watchdog timer routines.
        Phone line status monitoring.
        Caller ID data extraction.
        A/D conversion, 8 / 10 bit. Polled and interrrupt driven.
        Serial Communications drivers.
        Parallel printer drivers.
        LCD display drivers.

    Motorola MC68HC16:

        DSP and signal filtering.
        Serial data transfer.<
        A/D conversion and data logging.
        LED Bar graph driver.
        Multitasking system.
        Data conversion and manipulation.
        Real time interrupt drive system clock.
        Watch dog timer routines.
        Timer driven data capture and display system.
        Synchronous serial interface driver.

    Intel 80C96 / 80C196:

        Interrupt driven timer routines.
        Interrupt driven serial communications.
        A/D conversion.
        Pulse counter inputs.


        Database operations.
        Disk I/O, sector repair, direct access.
        Graphic display of data, mouse interface.
        Data capture and conversion.
        Interrupt driven processes, task switching.
        External task generation / spawning.
        TSR routines.
        A/D converter drivers.
        Process control systems.
        Radio and telephone telemetry.
        Serial communications drivers.
        BBS management software.
        I/O Port monitoring /manipulation utilities.

    Intel 80C96 / 80C196:       IC96:

        Interrupt driven timer routines.
        Interrupt driven serial communications.
        A/D conversion.
        Pulse counter inputs.
        Serial communications drivers.


        Directory access, file attributes.
        File database management.
        Data extraction / conversion.
        Event monitoring / capture.
        Irrigation control software.
        Interprocess communication.
        Graphical User interface routines.

    MS Windows:

        User interface routines.

    MS Windows / Windows 95:

        Process control.
        File I/O.
        Visual user interface.
        Data manipulation.


        Data entry and collection routines.
        File I/O.
        Serial Communications interface.
        User password protection.

    TRS-80 Color:

        Editor / Assembler.
        Statistical analysis.
        Disk management software.
        Graphical format conversion.
        CAD system for optochopper, dial, and vernier design.


        Database management.
        Statistical analysis.
        Production and inventory control software.
        Disk management software.

        Web pages.
        Help  and documentation.

    REXX, .BAT...

        Exit code handlers.
        Iterations / loops.
        Systems management routines.
        Time accuracy management routines.
        BBS management routines.

Design projects: